Poem For Devin

June 26, 2009
By Anonymous

He said goodbye
In a blink of an eye
And I didn’t see where he went,
Now he’s gone,
I’m overspent.

He kissed my lips,
Held me just like this,
And then he ran away,
Now he’s gone,
I’m underpaid.

With the taste of him
Still lingering around
Me, before I could say
Anything, he caught
Himself before he fell
Too deeply.

With only questions and
The tangled webs of
“what ifs” left for me,
He took his chance to let
Go, and so he decided to

Standing in the dark, it
Took his dawning light
To wake me up to reality,
He seemed so perfect, a
Love that grew out of
Manipulative fantasy.

Why did he have to go?
Time seemed to stop,
To slow. As he progressed
Through, all I was thinking
About was what did I do?

As numbers that belong to
Me quickly get erased,
I’m stuck here knowing, they
Will get replaced.

Maybe this time around,
What he was looking for
Will be found. And they
Can be happy together,
Sworn to a real lasting

But I can’t lose sight of
Things now, I’ll get out
Of this alive somehow.
He might have made
Me miserable inside,
But there is a truth to
An ugly lie.

His absence

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