My Little Secret

June 26, 2009
By LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
LadyRay SILVER, Waldorf, Maryland
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Years of curiosity
Constantly, Forceably
Eager and indefinately longing for the one.
Every single day until mine are done.
I have no choice but to run.
I haven't come to a dead end yet.
I simply go through the brick walls.
My mind is too fast for my body.
There's a tiresome weight forcing me to trip and fall
I thought I knew it all,
Simplicity easily caught my eye.
But naturally I have an unquenchable thirst for more.
I should have been smarter and closed my door.
A young girl should not want more
The borderline between fantasy and reality doesn't always cross my mind.
*Sigh It's just...
Pretty eyes, lovely smile, at first all nice and kind.
It's just the same thing each time.
Much sweeter than any rhyme.
Instead of going foward, I go backwards.
Uninteresting lessons unlearned,
Pain and concequences churn.

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