Don't Let me Fade Away

June 25, 2009
By midnightstars SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
midnightstars SILVER, Danbury, Connecticut
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What’s going to happen?
When we’re miles apart
When my mouth won’t
Udder your full name anymore
Even though my thoughts will

Are you going to forget me?
And leave me as a single handed
Long lasted memory
That will never be spoken of
Over the years

They rolled off my tongue with meaning
II can’t endure
Where those guzzling words I love you
Spoken by your lips
Hold with the same meaning
As i?

Words that you said to me
Hold within my upmost memories
With moments and thoughts that we shared
Where do they hold in your mind
Or do they never even cross it

We know each other
Behind all the words that were exchanged
There has to be some meaning
Because you’re you
While mean what you say
I think

Maybe that’s also the hope that lies inside of me
That maybe I do cross your mind once in awhile
That all memoires of everything we shared won’t be lost

Years from now
When were both back in the start or our new lives
When we see each other in years
And smile

Because the memoires will stay from years to years
Well I hope they do
Don’t let them go back to your unstated mind
Remember me
Even if its just for a moment
Don’t let me fade away

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