How i feel about my sisters

June 24, 2009
By Alondra Dominguez BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Alondra Dominguez BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Alondra Dominguez

looked up at the dark night sky,
thinking about you and I,
I remember the talks we had,
but we didn't seem to talk and I don't understand why
they would tell you lies and they weren't true,
I try to make you understand all the things I do,
the talks sometimes don't seem to work all the time,
but I try to make you understand that its hard to be me,
when I have to suffer knowing that you will be going away,
but before you go their is something that I need to say,
You know I love you each and everyday,
but all the time we would argued you would always walk away,
The way I get all my emotions out is when I sit down,
and your the only one that helps me turn that frown up side down,
I will always be there for you even though you will be gone
I hope you keep all those things I thought you,
well when you need me just look at the sky and stars
and I hope you'll keep me in your heart,
the very special way I will too.
And all that is why,
I will always

The author's comments:
what inspired me was my two loving sisters
that i really love

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