your in my dreams tonight

June 27, 2009
By katie~lynn BRONZE, Monticello, Georgia
katie~lynn BRONZE, Monticello, Georgia
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i hope you know ill think of you when i go to sleep tonight
your the reason baby that i always sleep so tight
your the guy in my dreams that im with sitting on the sand
the one thats right next to me together hand in hand
watching the sunset as it goes down slow
promise me baby youll never let go.
walking down the beach looking up at the stars
thats where i always dream that we are
your in my dreams everynight tho i still have yet to hear ur voice
everynight i dream of you because its my very best choice
dreaming of the day i meet you
i just think of things to do
we go to a carnival and ride the rides
laughing and smiling waiting in line
your everything i dream of and more
baby ive never been so sure
ill think of you when i go to sleep tonight
cuz baby your my Mr. Right.

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