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June 24, 2009
By ((iIlOvEYuH)) BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
((iIlOvEYuH)) BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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i knew eventually it would end,
i knew someday i would have to
go back and call you friend,
and the day has come and its
killing me inside,if its for
the best then were is all this pain from??
i don't know if this is what i have to do!
but its breaking my heart to walk away
from you.:(
you might not been my first love or
first kiss but there are many of
our special moments I'm going to miss
all the words i ever said or wrote
i still hold true but now from a distance is where I'll be loving you:)
i think you need me as a friend to
help you go through life because there are things i cant control that are
hurting you,neither of us hold the
strength to be true to our love,
maybe we won't be together if it
wasn't ment to be but for now
please don't stop loving me:(
even though I'm not your girl-
friend, ill still be here with
a shoulder to cry on or just
a simple ear to here........
a story of love can be quicker
then a blink of an eye but our
love story won't be over until
the day i die.

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