Silent cries

June 22, 2009
I come to you, and we embrace. We
converse and we smile. But I refuse to
reveal my true feelings , for it is not my
We speak about our classes, our assignments
and such. But only one thing is on my mind,
how I long for you so much.
I allow my self a moment, to let my emotions
subside, I will not show you how I feel for you.
I am too strong, I have too much pride.
I try to keep a staight face, to seem undaunted.
But in actuality I am huanted, haunted! For you
are all I ever wanted. But You and I can never be.
I cry silent cries as I am forced to watch you
walk away with him, and away from me.

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xXFadedFlowerXx said...
Jul. 13, 2009 at 2:03 am
I hate having to watch someone who was once in love with me, hold on to another girl. It's a really hard thing. Great poem.
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