Prodigal Son

June 22, 2009
By Sean Roe BRONZE, Mill Creek, Washington
Sean Roe BRONZE, Mill Creek, Washington
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Take this if you will,
As a shout out to all
Those who have
Been ridden down the
Path of academic success

So listen now, all who wonder
In life what they're really doing

The feeling of being good at many thing,
But great at none
Of the pestering voice inside
In between the synapses and dendrites,axons
And the gray matter of life

The urge to go after something
Will all your heart
Yet, you still don't know
What it is

There's something I say,
Beneath all the "good"
That wants to shine and
Be the best

So to all that have been called
A Prodigal Child
Piled, behind the pressure of
A concrete dam, are the
Screams and shouts of
Let's be honest
Who can be good at everything?
Dig inside and find your
Gold nugget of Identity
The Prodigal Child
The Good at Everything Child
Is gone
Shed the coat
Because people will remember one thing
Who was great

The author's comments:
It speaks to those who struggle finding amongst their strengths, something they want to focus on

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