Never Alone

June 21, 2009
By Vampirekisses2010 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
Vampirekisses2010 BRONZE, Naples, Florida
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As I walk down the road on a path that leads to nowhere I think of his face and that beautiful smile.
If only I knew who it was and what his name is,
I keep on down the path because I have no where else to go.
As I lay my head on my pillow and close my eyes and try to figure out my purpose in life and why I am here,
And then I see his face and his beautiful smile and wonder if I don’t know who he is then why do I keep seeing his face.
When ever I am lost, worried or afraid I see his face and it makes it all better.
As I walk alone I see his face and then I feel as if someone is taking hold of my hand and I am no longer alone, but when I look around I am alone with nothing but the wind blowing against my face.
As I sit upon the edge of the steps leading to this old abandoned church,
I hear whi spers in the wind but when I look around I am alone.
I feel as if there is a presence and someone breathing down my neck and it sent a shiver down my spine,
I look around but I see nobody on the abandoned road that leads to nowhere
I am confused about what I am here for and what my purpose is.
I lower my head and then I feel as if there is someone lifting my head and as I look up to see his face once again and then I hear his whisper, he takes my hand and I rise to stand next to him, all my worries are lifted away.
I thought that I was on my own on my journey but now I know that I have someone by my side holding my hand showing me what my purpose in this world really is.
I am in the presence of my own angel.

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