A Thousand Miles An Hour

June 20, 2009
By Anonymous

staring contests were nothing for me
it used to be that i could look at you
focused on your eyes, but never seeing
what was hidden beneath the green,
i never thought about what you were thinking
but you would stare right back at me,
your eyes questioning my authority
to choose between thinking and doing
when your actions supposed a reaction
because you couldn't judge the difference
between watching the world unfold
right in front you and just wanting
for it all to fall right into your hands,
or the difference between dancing on the edge
of a cliff and walking a tightrope across
the widest of all canyons; either without a fear
of falling because you never thought you'd get that far
anytime soon, and you thought you have years to figure it out
but you wanna get out of here sometime soon,
yet speed won't take you any farther from this town,
the memories you'd rather not remember,
and the day's you'd like to forget ever happened,
but the thought that someday you might get out,
keeps you wishing on stars, ones where you'd love to run to.
and i wonder, if you'll always be running away in your mind?
to distant lands of kings and queens that i'm sure i'll never see
and fairytales that only exist in children's dreams,
and the places only your addictions can take you
that i may never ever come to view or even hope to see,
will you always run from your fear of the potential
that i see in your eyes of everything you could be?
you've been running at a thousand miles an hour
and if i dare catch up, you might take it to a thousand and two
i feel like we're running in a crowded room,
which door will you take, please look back
cause i'm watching, and waiting,
but you're running away at
a thousand

The author's comments:
It's really sad when someone changes so much that you can't recognize them. It's sadder when there's nothin gyou can do but watch as they run from their potential, and only you seem to be able to see it.

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