June 21, 2009
By FallenAngel978 GOLD, Leominster, Massachusetts
FallenAngel978 GOLD, Leominster, Massachusetts
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when he said "i love you" i should have laughed and said "sorry im allergic to bull".with every lie comes a regret and with every regret comes sorrow,with every sorrow comes redemption.

Oh, for wanting the yearning look
The feel of your caress across my face,
My hair, my neck, my back
Pulling me into your embrace
The hunger for me in your lips
The desire in your arms
As your hands slide down over my hips
At once my lingering fears are gone
I swim in those warm brown eyes
Until the first light of dawn

Oh, for wanting the yearning look
I once knew so well
We lie side by side in a cold dark bed
It's as if I went to sleep in heaven
And I've woken up in hell
I feel the pain of wanting you every day
But I'm longing to touch to feel again
And you’re content to never have your say

You are all I crave
And this is my curse
Why my heart must be sealed like a grave
For what fate can be worse
Than to know the thrill of passion and fire
And to suddenly find your self undesired.

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