some hands MAG

By Chris J., Lexington, KY

it only took a couple of seconds
for the vibrations of a bow to convince me
that I needed you
melting like molten emotion
crumbles like paper-mâché at the thought of you alone
i tried to take your hand at first flight
but I remained grounded while you explored sky-high journeys
beyond the consent of everyone else
I wanted you to hold memories of me
memories of my fingers ...
brushing stray hair fibers away from your eyes/face
so that I could see the glow of your smile

your hands
warm me from inside out
and I swear
I think my breath beats actually tripped over each other
and the look in your eyes when we held on to each other like that
made everything I ever stood for seem worthwhile

somehow I'm sure that there will be no room
in your life/in your hands
for anybody but me
and when I talk to you I know that you could be with me
if all you had to go through is some phone cables and untruths
when I'm not around, I feel envious of the air around your skin
because I crave that charge
5000 volts of interment charge
whenever you used those hands to run your fingertips along my palm
did you feel it?

I'd like to think that we were something more
than just some here today/good-byes
behind some closed eyes
the burning thoughts of
and it still always seems to be too far away
time passes faster now that time fades
and I keep my right side ready to hold you
your hands
I feel at ease to say you have the most beautiful hands I have ever seen
your voice conjured me into sleepy dreams
of distant conscious wonder

I can't wait to explore ... you
and after you wedged your way into my already closed life
kissed me with your eyes
I captured you with my verse
and now I gracefully bow out
eventually falling back into your hands
to hold
even after the air around us

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This article has 2 comments.

i love this so much!

cmarie29 said...
on Feb. 23 2010 at 12:34 pm
I just wanted to tell you that I printed off this piece YEARS ago because I felt so connected to it in so many ways, and even to this day absolutely admire this piece. You have some serious talent. Stick with it. :)


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