The Black Night

December 23, 2008
By Maria Donado, Lenexa, KS

He walked through the black night,

Looking for power and delight

Only one thought crossing his mind,

He had to end his brother's life.

She walked by his path,

Wondering about him

When in that black night,

That same black night,

She came upon him on a hill.

She asked, "What are you doing?This is the path to leave."

When suddenly realization hit her,

And as she figured out his plan she wanted to heave.

He looked down in embashment

As she to him came near,

"Do not leave me I beg of you, I love you! So please stay here!"

In that moment she embraced him,in a hug, warm and dear.

He knew what he would do, would hurt her

But she had to understand!

He had to kill his brother,

No matter what it meant.

She started crying on his chest

when suddenly he pushed her gently away,

"I'm sorry about this my love, but it has to end."

He started to walk away slowly,

Hoping she wouldnt follow

Leaving her behind in tears, and her heart hollow.

Before he had a chance to leave, she said in just a whisper

"If you leave I will scream, until my voice withers."

He gasped and turned around

And said, "You wouldnt dare!"

She screamed,"I would do anything to stop you! Even if my life had to end!"

At that moment she hadn't noticed,

He ran behind her and said

"I'm sorry i have to do this, but it has got to end!"

She gasped as she felt pain and sleep coming,

he had done what he promised he wouldnt do.

He had broken her heart in pieces,

But she knew he was broken too.

Before she drifted into darkness he heard her one love say

"Thank you, and I will miss you dearly as well!"

Since that night she always walks

To that spot where her love once stood,

To relive the whole nightmare

That she wouldn't forget, even if she could.

The author's comments:
One of my first poems :) it's my favorite!

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