December 22, 2008
By Anonymous

This pain I feel
I can’t describe
And all I can say
Is that it makes me want to cry

Knowing you love her
By just the way you act
Gives me a pain in my heart
Like you just stabbed me in the back

There are times when you treat me
Like the girl I want to be
You may not know who she is
But that’s because you do not see

I can’t tell you that you’re the one
Because if I do, our friendship is done

I often times wonder
If what you’re doing
Is just to make me suffer

I often times wonder
If you sometimes give me that look
You usually save for her
As if she’s an angel from above

But then I wonder
If it is just a dream
For in my dreams
I am the one

The one you love
The one you trust
The one that makes you happy
The one who’s an angel from above

There is still time
For you to see
That there is the one
And that one
Is me

The author's comments:
This goes to the girls who've had their heart broken at least once by a guy whom she loved more than anything in the world. Guys...dont lead girls on because it just hurts worse for us later when you break our hearts.

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