familiar strangers

June 18, 2009
By Anonymous

i recognize their faces.
i've seen them before.
but where?
Where have i seen these
In my dreams?
In my nightmares?
As i walk down the street
or down the hall.
Where have i seen them?
i know i have.
There must be some reason
why they look so familiar.
Their faces jump up
the pages
and speak to me
and they say:
"What's up?"
"Let's hang out."
"what are you doing this Friday?"
i recognize their voices too.
i've heard them before,
many times before.
But who are they?
Their names escape my mind
and all im left with are
sketchy memories
of things that
might not even be real.
Maybe i knew these strangers
long ago.
Maybe my mind is playing
tricks on me.
But when i put the book away,
their voices
echo in my head,
memories reply before my eyes
and days of a life
deep in the past
become real once more.
Who are these people,
these strangers,
and why do they look
so familiar?

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