Star Dust

June 17, 2009
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Bring me the dust of a star
So that I might piece it back together

Close my eyes, and spin
Faster and faster
Until my feet lose the ground

But I would not fall
Holding tight to my star
I would FLY
Up towards the cosmos
Into the engulfing night

We would wave to the man in the moon
Pass Ursa Minor and Major
To sit on the scales of Libra
Where we would create balance

And we would wander through the cosmos
Lost from time and space
Seen only as mere twinklings
Sequins on night’s shawl

Bring me the dust of a star
So in the dark of night
The tremors of loneliness
Would not shake me
My star would hold me close

Lyra would play heavenly cadences
Harmonies and melodies
Meant to be heard by sparkling heroes

We would stretch out in the empty plains
And watch as Nyx would skip past
Dragging with her the dark veil of night

And there we would wait
For Eos to come and shoo us away

Standing on the edge of the universe
We would close our eyes,
Hold each other close
And leap

Bring me the dust of a star
And if I find its isn’t mine
I will blow the pieces gently into the wind
So that she might scatter them
For someone else to find

Bring me the dust of a star

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