June 17, 2009
By SwimmerQueen SILVER, Snoqualmie, Washington
SwimmerQueen SILVER, Snoqualmie, Washington
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Dreamy ocean-colored eyes
Stare in to space as she dreams of her lover
Who is he? Where is he? When will he come?

Long blonde hair
Shines like gold when the sun hits it
She wonders when it will catch the eyes of her
One true love

Her plump round face never needs
Artificial coloring to look pink
For she is always caring a blush around
She wonders who will notice and
Not teases me about it?
That will be my true love

Her ears round and
Have a mole on the top of the left
When will the guy find it and love it
The way it is? She wonders

Everything about her is long
Her hair
Her fingers
Her arms
Her legs
Her feet
Even her toes
She wishes that would catch her true loves eyes

Her beautiful eyes
Framed by thick, black lashes
They are covered by blonde eye brows
She never has to wear make up to feel
She wonders if and
Someone will notice that

She is a healthy weight
Maybe a little on the heavy side
But it doesn’t bother her
She is only concerned that she is in the
Best possible shape
In which she knows she isn’t
She works hard
And wonders if it’s enough to get
Noticed by her lover

Her teeth are being shaped by braces
That hurt
She hopes that when she gets them off
The one who loves her will finally notice her

Her lips a fine line
Not plump like the other girls
But when she smiles they frame sunshine
Her lips wait till her true love finds her and
Gives her true loves kiss

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