All Around Me

June 17, 2009
By marisela valencia BRONZE, Northbend, Washington
marisela valencia BRONZE, Northbend, Washington
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Here I am sitting upon that tree that
Is decaying
But Still strong I look at the sky
The sun is fleeing, leaving behind a romantic
Shade of purple and Orange
Across the sky
I can the icy winds
Blowing through my long hair
As the leaves scatter across the pavement.
Now I see the moon
It has come out to greet the sun goodnight
And take its position to light the earth
Through the dark
The moon releases its stars
Like releasing doves from a cage
I hear the crickets singing a lullaby
To the surrounding creatures
Everything is starting to slow down
Everything is starting to get quiet
Now I can only hear myself breathing
I look around
Everything seems so perfect
My eyelids slip shut…..
And I fall asleep in the arms of my mother

The author's comments:
I am an 8th grade student in Snoqualmie originally from CA.

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