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I Hate

June 17, 2009
By Babydoll111 BRONZE, Forestville, Maryland
Babydoll111 BRONZE, Forestville, Maryland
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i hate tha way you make me feel
i hate your smile but only because its so sweet
i hate your personalites but only cuz you make me weak
tha things i hate are really the things i love
but im not so sure
if i should let u in my heart
i've been here before and last time
i was torn and left alone
but that's not your fault
but it's your fault that i feel this way now
that i feel like i dont ever have to worry
like i have found the one
time slips away so quick and i
dont ever want to loose out on u
but that's hard to do
when its someone in my place
she has your heart
but i want ur soul
i want you love strong
like love is suppose to be given
but am i moving to fast
am i fallen to quick
am i to young to know what it is i really want
these question i have no answer
but i do know that i see myself with you
i see myself falling head over hills for you

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