Man's Legace

June 16, 2009
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Desolate cities

Buildings corrode

Dilapidated streets

Rusted out cars

Famine plagues all

Disease becomes ubiquitous

Impoverished chaos

Radiating bodies

Deformed pain

New found pride

The thirst for control

The desire for industrialization

The lust for destruction

War mongering

Death dealing

Communism, Socialism, Capitalism


Anarchy, disorder

Pain and affliction

Distress and anxiety


The lies spewed up

Like noxious fumes released into the environment

Regulations passed by government are enforced

To control and detain man

To watch and spy at the will of the paranoid bureaucracy

Oppression, anger, hate, regret

Scientists worked, unaware

Of what they were creating

Politicians, fabricated, putting up the façade

To mask the undertones of unrest

To conceal under a screen of campaigns and legislations their intentions, their decisions

All for the cause of a greater good

The people listened and applauded blindly

Voicing decisions and casting votes

Unanimously deciding there fates

Choosing what they would pass down to the next generation

There actions forever branded upon the lives of the present, the past, the future

Every living person, every species felt the reverberating echo of destruction

Falling out, corrupting, changing

Constructing, molding and shaping

The nuclear youth

Riddled with the burdens bestowed by past administrations

There burden becomes there inheritance

The malice of a world unaware of its actions

There bequest, there birthright, there legacy

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