June 16, 2009
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That Single, Solitary Grain of Sand
sticks to the sandal that tread upon it.
Feels elated; it has finally found a way to

it’s lifelong confinement
on that one beach.

It is now free to roam

Not as the wind once took it;

but anywhere that sandal may go.

And as time goes on that little grain

will move deeper and deeper

into the recess of that sandal.

Clinging on

even through the bumpy patches

and the occasional puddle.

That speck of sand will see numerous other beaches

see other specks of sand

and, of course, be thrown around many a time.

And that sandy dot will stay firmly in place
until the day you figure it’s time to clean those sandals,
gently washing away their unneeded cargo
onto the hard, black world of the pavement outside your doorstep.

But here is a world more closely connected to civilization

where any one sandal can pass by
and unknowingly carry this vulnerable little gem
through another journey of it’s life.

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