revenge for the fallen (a war story)

June 16, 2009
By bigj356 BRONZE, Harrison, Arkansas
bigj356 BRONZE, Harrison, Arkansas
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“Capt. is hit!”
“man down!”
Dang it were like
fish in a barrel here…

that’s probably how
it happened after
I got separated from my
troop. I had to piss
like a race horse, and
figured I could catch up
when, BOOM! A bomb
goes off a few feet away
from me.

The capt. noticed
The bomb and had
everyone cleared out in time.
Except me.
We were separated by
A huge pile of rubble.
He told me of a route
where we could meet up
less than a mile down the road.

Right before I got to
the location, I heard
gunfire. It was the troop!
They were in trouble.
I hurried to the place
where I had heard gun shots.

I see two guys from my troop.
It’s the capt. and some pvt. They’re
having to use the fallen comrades
as human shields.
They’re under heavy fire by
Two Nazis with 50 caliber mgs
They don’t notice me
while I pull out my rifle.
The captain manages to hit one of them
in the eye. The other one I take care of
I send three rounds end to him,
The first two hit him in the chest
While the third hits him in the
throat poppin his head three feet
into the air.

Watching for more Nazis I
run for the captain and pvt.
They’re hurt, bad
I give them some morphine and we
Retreat as stealthfully as a
couple of doped up soldiers can

we all killed about a
100 Nazis that day,
But not nearly enough
For all the friends we lost.

The author's comments:
warning there is some graphic content such as war, blood,etc.

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