Untitled MAG

By Jessica P., Sloatsburg, NY

In the midst of the night
She tries to sleep within the dark mysterious shadows of her bedroom.
Tossing and revolving in her pain,
She lies awake in defeat for what seems like an eternity
As minutes pass like hours.
She feels imprisoned behind bars.
Everything has led her to nothing but hate.
She lost herself long ago
When the vivid colors of her memory
Like ancient dusty photographs piled in a corner of the attic.
And all of her emotions
Drifted away
Like innocent autumn leaves taken captive on a raging river.
Her reflection revealed a stranger
When she transformed into
The secluded eye of a tornado
Encircled by forceful walls of independence.
Her eyes shifted to a
Deep and vague icy gray full of sadness
That revealed an emptiness she could not overcome.
She lost herself
When days and weeks passed
Without importance,
And her heart felt nothing.

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i love this so much!


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