December 9, 2008
By Anonymous

i swear, i’ve never seen a white so bright.
a smile so inviting, or kiss so sweet.
the sun so shiny on my back,
warming me with its autumn embrace.
but when night falls,
we come alive.
we escape the norm,
and welcome
“all things evil”.
do you know what its like to wade among the clouds?
can you imagine total inner peace?

the body’s first reaction is an unsure one,
but it shortly, and surely transfers control to the unknown force.
the aggressive, poisonous, subtle force.
promiscuous force,
with cruel intention to cripple you.
but only if you let that happen.
because i’m sure, just once even,
you’d love to feel everything,
and become that everything you feel.

that vivid, deep red?
it’s all i see.
that girl two streets over.
it’s all i hear.
and my eyes close so fast, but so slow.
and i feel so fast, but i’m going nowhere.
and i laugh so happily, but it feels
so very far off..

The author's comments:
i speak from personal experience everytime i speak.

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