Holden's Foul Vocabulary

May 31, 2009
By Anonymous

-It cost him damn near four thousand bucks. (1)
-They don’t do any damn more molding at Pencey than they do at any other school. (2)
-I don’t give a damn, except that I got bored sometimes when people tell me to act my age. (9)
-He damn near blew the roof off. (17)
-I damn near dropped dead. (31)
-All I did was sort of turn over on my side and watched him cut his damn toe nails. (42)
-I have a kid sister that’s only in the goddamn fourth grade. (82)
-All I know as my goddamn gloves were in your god damn galoshes. (89)
-If you just had a goddamn operation on your god damn wuddayacallit. (97)
-He had me right up against the damn door. (102)

The author's comments:
After reading Catcher in English class we were asked to create a "found poem". I created this.

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