June 13, 2009
By Anonymous

im more scared then i've ever been
i have no one by my side
where you used to lie
i say i hate you to everyone i know
but still my eyes lock with yours
and i long to feel your hands upon my aching body
i wish you never saw me
that way i could have never
been your toy
was i never good enough?
it hurts to think about you but your always on my mind
and i tell myself your the best
thing that has ever happened to me
yet, you broke me and tore me and lied, and made me cry so many times
im scared to death
that you'll come and hurt me
you left me hopeless
im gone beyond repair
this will never be right to me
i miss you and would
do anything to be in your arms again

The author's comments:
for ew...a guy i once new..

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