New Years

June 12, 2009
By Eva Neligh SILVER, Lakewood, Colorado
Eva Neligh SILVER, Lakewood, Colorado
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I can look tonight at heaven and men,
on the beasts and the trees,
Of war, and of peace.
Before me sprawls the city I know:
With glittering lights, with buildings that glow.
And above me lays the ocean of stars, the pillars of clouds,
The night that shrouds.
I think of the people, the heartbeats I hear, the voices I know,
The children that grow.
And of the future that awaits with open arms - and think of the past. The success, the victories, the defeat and losses -
Of happiness, weariness, of thresholds to cross,
Of times where dreams were tossed.
Of friends, family, school galore;
Of times where I wanted no more -
Than what I had.
And tonight dawns the beginning of time -
My time to shine.

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