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June 12, 2009
By Daneal D BRONZE, Brampton, Other
Daneal D BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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As temperatures rise like the Sun in our skies
We tend to cover the truth, with oblivious lies
Because we are afraid and potentially fear
That Global Warming, is finally here.
Raging rivers rustle through land
Entering long lasting lakes that slowly expand
Have now dried into empty crates
Causing innocent lives to enter the gates.
Waters are cold where icebergs melt
Destroying the homes, where polar bears once dwelt
One thousand metre waves soar
A tsunami comes tumbling on Tokyo’s door.
Hurricane Katrina destroyed many homes
Forcing families into the Houston Dome
Lumber companies tear rainforests down
Making the air we breath turn brown
Although Global Warming cannot be stopped
Reducing our carbon emissions will still be sought
By planting trees
And families not driving, big SUV’s
The Earth bleeds
Due to our greed
If the Earth continues to cry
We will all die.

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