Your Not There Anymore...

June 11, 2009
By thatgirl GOLD, East Woodbrook, Connecticut
thatgirl GOLD, East Woodbrook, Connecticut
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im living a lie
deep inside i know im not over you
but i keep telling myself that i am
everytime i see you my heart beats faster
and i know that we're broken up but these feelings just dont go away
and im in love with you
but theres one thing pushing me faraway from you
...u dont love me back
and i know there's nothing i can do
but how can i keep on living with my heart so shattered
i open my eyes evrymorning to the thought of you inside my head
no its not some stupid crush or a simple teenage affection...its love
but deep inside i am soooo hurt ,
hurt enough to disappear into town and not come back for hours just because of how u make me feel
people keep telling me ill get over you and people keep saying just dont think about you...but its too much
might as well just ask me to stop breathing
and the way you just erased me from your life ....the pain is endless
music is the only thing thats keeping me sane and on the same planet
even that's not enough though
the only thing i ever want right now is you soo bad
but no matter what, i know you dont want me
and you cant even tlk to me as a "friend"
cuz rite now ur the only friend i would wanna tell whats goin on in my life
i hold all my feelings inside and dont let anyone in
except you , but now your gone ....
but right now i need you sooo bad , and i only wished you would love me as much as i love you.
....i just wanna be in your arms.....

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