Unanswered Calls

June 11, 2009
By Markirox SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
Markirox SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
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Someone is calling his name
Summoning his greatness
Let him excise his power over one and all
He was once the beginning and the end
but that is true no longer.
Omnipotence is fading fast, now.
Ignorance was bliss, knowledge is killing his power.
Willing to prevent evil but not able.
I know it for the lie that’s written on his face;
his pale, ethereal, fleeting face.
Power over us is found again;
malevolence shining through.
Able to prevent evil but not willing.
A salvation fraught with contempt and self-loathing.
An end to means that comes far far too late.
He is both able and willing.
But from where comes evil then?
Or is he neither able nor willing?
Then silence your calls, my people
for salvation shall never come.

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