June 11, 2009
By Alexander Noyes SILVER, Atkinson, New Hampshire
Alexander Noyes SILVER, Atkinson, New Hampshire
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its the look in your eyes when the sun is setting
Like all the time in the world is slipping away
Take my hand and we'll hold on to this second
Oh that beautiful feeling when time goes still

But then its not like we need to worry about that
We've got all the time in the world
Lets just see where this moment takes us
Forever is one thing but what about now

I can't help but tripping through the years
in a blink of an eye eternity has passed me by
hold on to the days in my hand but they slip pass
Like grains of sand falling through the cracks

Can you send me that perfect smile over here
It slows time as it makes its way through space
Your smile is everlasting it seems to never stop
Or flickers so fast my eyes can never tell

I waste the present away thinking of the future
So painfully ironic that the future just slips past
Plans look nice written on paper but they just fade
They melt away into the void of white and disappear

We can keep moving forward but we just near the end
we can stand still but its a conveyor belt pulling us down
We'll just fall off and meet our fate of impending doom
All we can do is hope they let us take another ride

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