June 11, 2009
By Alexander Noyes SILVER, Atkinson, New Hampshire
Alexander Noyes SILVER, Atkinson, New Hampshire
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Walking with my hands in my pockets
Singing under my breath to the world
Looking stranger's in their eyes
Watch them do anything to avoid it

Throwing all my money in the well
Making the same wish over and over
I wont need money if it'll come true
I'll only need the sun on my back

Throwing out everything I can
My past in a plastic waste bin
Trying to find my way into the future
Hoping its behind the next corner

I'll find the queen of the universe
Sitting on her thrown of broken hands
Folding her leg over and under
Stepping on her servants heart

When will the lotus bloom again
Everythings different in the morning
The bumblebees wont land there
Change to terrible to touch

I dream of falling forever downwards
Falling asleep as I decend into darkness
God gave me two hearts to keep
and I dropped them both down the well

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