My Heart, My Home

June 11, 2009
By dontforget_alyssa BRONZE, St. Charles, Illinois
dontforget_alyssa BRONZE, St. Charles, Illinois
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I’m the welcoming light blue door,
Which opens to the smiles of loved ones,
Waiting to hear my adventures.

I’m angels, dolls and stuffed animals with a mind of their own, since then silenced, but loved,
I’m softball trophies and trinkets,
Collecting dust on shelves.

I’m waking up with the same beautiful view every morning,
I’m the swing set in my backyard built for me alone,
I’m sidewalk chalk and raking leaves on cool autumn days.

I’m art fairs, war museums, taking walks and listening to rain,
I’m pressure on the sand fields and slick courts.
I go from cheering, to being cheered on.

I’m Magdalena and Mateus, known through their stories and passports,
I’m Bernice and Al, who brought me teddy bears, model trains, and nicknamed me “Slugger,”
I’m Betty and Larry, who took me mini golfing, arcading, and welcomed me on weekends to their pull- out bed.

I’m my mother’s advice:

“Always be you own person,”

“Everything will work out,”
I’m Sunday School and 9:00 mass,
1:00 BBQs and brunches,
I’m jell-o and gourmet Mac and Cheese.

I’m amongst the madness for the Jonas Brothers only the Beatles can compare,
Their articles and poster and pictures and memories swallowing my bedroom walls and mind,
iPods and cell phones, strangers to my parents’ teenage years…now we’re always plugged in,
I’m scary movie parties with best friends in skinny jeans,
I’m laughing with friends in the hallways during school,
Earning strange glances from other high school students is not new to us

I’m the string player in the back,
I’m the girl who buys a guitar on impulse, the acoustic sounds flooding my living room for the first time,
I’m listening to music my cousin suggests: New for me, but old for him,
I’m jumping in burning high heels during the Homecoming dance,
With the pre-dance Chinese food party hours earlier.

I’m late nights and early mornings,
I’m always thinking, always pensive, always wanting to put those thoughts to paper.
I’m dreams bigger than the universe...
They threaten to take everyone by surprise.

I’m laughing with friends and family, and shadowing my sister.
I’m from pictures documenting everywhere we go.
Memories only we share.
I’m from home.

The author's comments:
I originally wrote this poem at the beginning of Freshman year, and although that year is over, the poem captures what I'm really about. I added a couple new verses to the poem, and I hope everyone likes it, and me. =)

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