Four Wooden Walls

June 11, 2009
By Xx58RedShadowsxX BRONZE, SeaTac, Washington
Xx58RedShadowsxX BRONZE, SeaTac, Washington
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4 white wooden walls-barriers
Encasing loud melodic music
Blocking the unneeded, unwanted sounds
A willfully neglected space
Hiding a child
Craving detached lonesomeness

Words seeping under the slit of the door
Words not meant to be heard
Words forever painted on the 4 wooden walls
Emotions escaping from the 4 wooden walls
Hinges creaking open
Letting them see in

Loud music blocking bitter sounds
That exit and enter
Distracting me from the eerie, umbrage painted words

The 4 wooden barriers
Hold one world image of time
An image
Locked up and closed down
Hiding others’ lives
from my eyes

The sun slips through
Only to cast a spotlight
On those words on the 4 wooden walls

Only I can unlock the image of the time
Only I will open the entrance
When I see those words on the 4 wooden walls
I want to hear

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