Image of You

June 11, 2009
By LysaM. SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
LysaM. SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
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To the naked eye you were a stone
A rock no one would look at
To me you were a master piece
With a story a life of your own

The dark cold nights just staring
The rain and moonlight
How could you not think of us
We just connected

Breathing in oh so softly
the smoke that fills my lungs
Killing me quickly
You were never good for me

That rock I saw was a lie
A moment of weakness
I fell hitting my head
Dizziness and confussion

Lifting of leaves and ground
You were never there
Just an illusion of what you were
Not meant to be, not going to be

To let you go to realize who you are
Just crushes the image I had in my head
Now I will always wish for him
My imaginary Image of you

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