Remembering the Lullaby

June 9, 2009
By poetamatatrice BRONZE, Houston, Texas
poetamatatrice BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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As I sit down on the creaking bench
Apprehensive thoughts echo inside my head.
What did I do wrong?
How can I fix this?
Does he still love me?
Will this ever be right again?

I shook each distressing notion
Out of my head and
Tried to focus
On the crisp paper in front of me.
But I paid no attention to the familiar notes,
I took no notice to the chipped wood,
I only thought about my mundane problems.

As I placed my hands on the threadbare keys,
Emotion flowed through my fingers
Like a million rivers flowing to the sea.
My hands glided smoothly across the keyboard,
The sweet sounds enveloping my soul,
Pushing away any doubt or fear I ever had.

Each worry I ever had was gone,
Each moment of unhappiness drifted away,
Each miserable thought I had suddenly vanished,
And all that was left was pure, undefined, raw emotion.

My fingers moved to play the sweet, memorable melody
We had developed so long ago.
Happier times, happier thoughts,
And suddenly the song bursted through,
Breaking free from each barrier there ever was.

“Good night, my love.
Sleep, and when you wake,
You’ll find me here,
Waiting for you.
My lullaby is simple, but it’s intent is pure.
This song is for you, my love,
And no other.
The melody is soft,
The instrument is beautiful,
But my love for you outshines the world.
So sleep, my love,
And hear this effortless lullaby
In your wildest dreams.”

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