You let go of my hands

June 14, 2009
By Sandy Yang BRONZE, New York, New York
Sandy Yang BRONZE, New York, New York
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You let go of my hands
turned around -- and walked away.
We knew it was gonna turn out this way
Because the words I should have said, I didn't say.
You were always there to ask if I was okay,
But the feelings I had, I didn't display.
Time ticks on day by day
And I saw that the shine in your eyes weren’t there today.
Things are done, relationships gone, & that's the price I had to pay
For being stupid and hiding away.
But that wasn't the me I meant to portray.
If I had the courage, I would open my glued pride and ask you to stay
but rebellion took over and I disobeyed.
So you got tired of waiting for me to say
Those three words that could make your day--
turned around …

and walked away.

The author's comments:
There are just some things that you should have said-- when you should have said it. Time does not wait for us, and so we must grab on to whatever comes our way. If you miss it, you may never see it again. Even if you did, it could seem like a stranger.
What inspired me to write this was the hesitation that everyone has when it comes to facing another person that was just too time consuming.

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