You can't hide the truth

June 9, 2009
By KPTmwuah GOLD, St. Rose, Louisiana
KPTmwuah GOLD, St. Rose, Louisiana
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Over and over
I tell myself
That I'm over you
But the repetitiveness
Doesn't hide anything

Why is it that my heart sinks
When I see you with another girl?
Why do my eyes water
When you fall for my best friend?
Why do I break down
When I make one little mistake?

My heart beats fast
When I see you
My words are scrambled
When I speak to you
My body shakes
When I think about you

I thought that all I needed was time
But this is much deeper than that
You got to my heart
And I got to yours

You mean the world to me
And I love you more than anyone else
As much as I try to hide it
I'm still in love with you

I can try to change for the world
But it won't work
No matter what
I'm gonna love you

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