I'd Rather Not Say

June 8, 2009
By Beth Harvey BRONZE, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Beth Harvey BRONZE, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
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A person that is filled with lead and slowed
I'd rather not say
A drowning shell of beauty
Sickly arms are held out
This is all I know
Pushing away mangled hair
Muffles breaths choking regret
A guilty bile left
A new season stalks
I'd rather not say
Laughter, sighs, grinning days
Gone somewhere else
Yearning for a time unseen
A day when perfection reached
Will release pulled tension
Seared slick of anguish
A ban of all pain swallowed
Sucking tissue of gut and limb
A life may be left
I'd rather not say these truths I am hiding
Never again
Her life is not worth much

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after struggling with an eating disorder that I am still facing to this day. I feel that it really relates to those who have been in a place where they hate who they are but also hate who they have become. Writing this helped me put my thoughts into form and realize what it is that is most important to me in life. Hopefully someone else will feel the same way.

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