June 8, 2009
By Sabrina Del Piano BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Sabrina Del Piano BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am a baby of the 1990s
From Barney and the Big Comfy Couch
To Rugrats and All That
From tea parties and forts made of blankets
I am from the era of pop bands
From Brittney Spears to N*sync and Backstreet Boys
To singing, "Oops I did it Again"
A journey just beginning
I am from small yellow school buses riding over bumpy potholes
I am from a big red building filled with giant fifth graders
Overwhelmed, yet still eager
From rainbow alphabet rugs and tiny tables
from finger paintings galore and pretending to read
Everything seeming like a dream
I am from the same building and larger tables
From getting scolded for talking when she did, petrified of a reoccurance
I am from playing outside until it was dark
From writing "heart songs" of poetry beliveing it was going to make me famous
Transitioning into a new school filled with new faces
Some seeming friendly, others intimidating
From new shirts and skirts from Abercrombie
To discovering the latest gossip
To feeling insecure
From being self-absorbed snd lonely
To reaching the lowest of lows
I am from waking up one morning and witnessing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
A memory forever ingrained in my mind
Goosebumps appearing on my arms
A feeling never triggered by a song
discovering a whole new life
i am from growing up and becoming a better person
A confident happier one
to learning hot to balance the harsh realities of life
i am from the determined soul
My demons have no control over my actions
i am prepared to pursue my goals and continue to dream

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