Not Yet Forgotten

June 8, 2009
By Jamie Quail BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jamie Quail BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from teasing humor and athletes'quarters/ From hand painted red doors and a wide side yard./ I am from books of bear, read over and over/ From two different rooms, one wild, one subtle./ I am from strawbellies and han-gaburs/ From shower curtain monsters and Cotton St. Legends./ I am from year round sports and dead end streets/ From cops who are jerks and Cape May beach houses,/ Filled with four families, together in the summer/ Having fun that lasts a lifetime.// I am from puppy pillowsand Bear's Blankie/ From countless injuries and re-done houses./ I am from controversial Scattergories and sunflower dresses/ From purple lunch boxes and Jamie Jinxes./ I am from fourth of July fireworks and Friday Night Pizza,/ From Rutgers football games and constant dinner arguments./ I am from circus paneled walls and sketchpads filled with charcoal/ From Monday piano lessons and warm pajamas to sleep in.// I am from God dogs and young new neighbors/ From on and off diets that are always starting tomorrow,/ I am from birthday morning doughnuts and frightening cases of cancer/ From too tight leggings and Bubble Gum teeth brushing songs./ I am from a crazy big brother and intense miniature golf/ From a chaotic medicine cabinet, most bottles expired,/ Although, all still there, saved from routine procrastination.// The picture perfect moments are all still there in my heart,/ But slipping away as time goes on./ A broken tree trying to bloom flowers/ That symbolize memories,/ Which are becoming sparse but not yet forgotten.//

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