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June 8, 2009
By Jamie Pagdonsolan BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Jamie Pagdonsolan BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from 1994./ From the never-ending adventures./ I am from the mile high spaghetti lunches./ I was an A.M. kindergartener, my brother's sidekick, and my sister's pest./ Residing on Clinton Place by day, and a pillow castle by night./ Trading pokemon cards was inevitable in my day, but now they're all stored away.// I am from Winnie the Pooh pj's./ From week-long sleepovers with my loing lost sisters./ I was a happy-go-lucky kid with a far-fetched imagination/ I shed all of those tears because of all the boo-boos./ Adventures with Rhel and afternoons with Mike and Ryan were the things I loved most./ I am from Fabulous Eight and all of the praises at BLD on Fridays./ They all mattered to me; they're all I see. // I am from itchy costumes./ From being walked on stage to walking on stage./ I came from cheesy expressions to feeling the movement./ They reached inside and took me out of my shell, picking me up whenever I fell. // I am from pointless tears./ I loved them, and they moved away./ They were wanted, but couldn't come back unless needed./ Those I've come across shaped the person who's telling you this story./ I am from my parents who taught me to appreciate them, in all their glory.// I am now from 2009, fourteen years young./ I now only dream while I sleep./ My tears have been wiped away by those who've crossed my path./ I reached the goals, and failed a few times along the way./ Now, New Jersey has met Arizona./ I'm still the happy-go-lucky kid; just trying to mature and learn little by little each day./ Everything that's happened, each thing i've seen, all the people that walked my path .../ They're all that matter to me. I'm a happy camper/ I lived these memories, and these memories remain in me ... forever; or at least until I begin to have my senior moments.//

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