Yet Listen

June 7, 2009
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When paths of love and peace unwind
To hate and Chaos whirling mad
When triumphs unrealized are shot down hard
And beaten promises make the heart grow sad

When all those you love turn their backs
And laugh at your dreams as you make them known
When your fate is not certain, before you, yet sown,
And the harvest you'll reap is undecided, unknown.

That is when you cry out to Him
When all that you know has been burned
And you find through much trial and error the pain
That is given to those who haven't yet learned

To those who don't listen or think there's a chance
That ever they could understand.
But though you may think you know what is best
You'll find that your thoughts are built on mere sand.

Listen to those who broke you right down
Who handled you harshly and strong
For they know what's best though it may be hard
For by them you know you've been wronged.

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