June 7, 2009
By Andrew Klenk BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
Andrew Klenk BRONZE, York, Pennsylvania
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He smiles
And insults me, a backhand blow
His smile seems more like bared teeth now
My thoughts whirl
Punch him
Walk away
Shake his hand
I smile and extend my hand
A peace offering amid the violence
He reaches out his hand and grips mine
It is cold, icy, like his expression
Bared fangs giving nothing away
Eyes stalking his prey
Ready to pounce on the slightest insecurity
Out hands pump up
Then down
His squeezing mine, with all his strength
Smothering its prey
My face gives nothing away
My grin never wavers
He reluctantly releases my hand from its choke hold
We talk, about old times
He reminisces over the comradeship
That we never shared
He tells me about his new life
Of torturing small people
In a big world
Released from the confines of the jail called school
I feign sorrow, and excuse myself
Walking away shaken
I meet the next friend
From long ago

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