Dancing With Him MAG

By Aly E., Warsaw, Poland

To tango, rock, hip hop, to music, I
dance with him.

My toes on his toes, my youth to his adulthood, my hand in his hand, I
dance with him.

The river of music flows through my ears, not noticing what’s happening
Around me while, I
dance with him.

We, together, bring down the house.
Mother’s unsatisfying face turns into a smile and laughs at our silliness, I
dance with him.

He twists and turns me, while my feet stand on top of his
Leading me the way, I
dance with him.

Setting me free, catching me again
My pajamas with his suit, I
dance with him.

In one world is where we are.
He looks at me and I do the same, I
dance with him.

The dance slowly fades away, as does the music and
We laugh, I know, he knows the dance we dance
Will always be danced by ... us.

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i love this so much!


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