Chasing Chickens MAG

By Katherine M., Lunenburg, MA

She’s running around the chicken coop
After those silly birds
Got her skirt hitched up too high
with Freddy standing in the door
Got a red sucker in hand
And his overalls on
Watchin’ his sister’s hair
All askew
She’s trying to fry some eggs
Threw skillet on the stove
The butter outta the fridge
Always gotta get the eggs
Always gotta make the meals
Always gotta get the A’s
Cause Momma ain’t coming home
And Papa’s long gone
Report cards to sign and
The mail to pick up
Put that apron on
And pack the lunches
While finishing homework
Dash home to boil water
And help with coughs and sneezes
Bedtime stories and giggles
Before a long walk in the herb garden.
The chickens all are asleep

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i love this so much!


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