May 29, 2009
By Amber Mailey BRONZE, Cary, Illinois
Amber Mailey BRONZE, Cary, Illinois
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Alone again this night
the shadows slowly eating me away
I start off fighting
trying hard to keep the pain away
but my will gives way
thoughts of him tear my heart in shreads
the breaking of my heart
sends poison through my veins
the blood pulses faster
sending it to my lungs
a weight crushes against my chest
breathing slowly becomes impossible
my body reconigzes the symptoms
and slowly begins to ease the pain
sending me into a deep sleep, the same effects as morphine
my mind still races against me
trying to comprehend
it was only a month ago, that I had felt happy
thinking of just this one person
used to send me in such a high
How could this have turned?
destroying myself from the inside-out
As my mind slowly starts to drift
I picture my fantasy in my mind
the one dream I've had since that day
his gentle touch, his warm embrace
I say the words I've been holding inside for so long
But even in my dream
I don't get to let them loose
I watch him board the steel trap
and I loose my sense of speech
because I know I missed my chance
my chance to say goodbye
all that's left of this nightmare
is my poison
that will always be
forever mine.

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