Stains of Laughter

May 29, 2009
I'm sailing on the waves
of music
pulling me in and out
and I'm tumbling
like I would in a washing machine
to clean the stains.
But knowing how things usually
turn out -
the bleach will only help
so much.
And the image of that afternoon
when this song was playing
and you were making me laugh
so hard I almost died.
I accidentally got some tomato sauce
from the pizza on our first date
right there on my pants
and there’s the proof -
a stain like a black eye.
Isn't that just brutally funny?
It is. It is. I'm laughing in the
kinda way when laughter is
so big you're choking on it
and it explodes out of your mouth
like firecrackers and secrets.
You used to make me laugh
all the time.
Better than anyone else
ever could.

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