The Frog and the Fly

May 29, 2009
By Gabrielle Olivia BRONZE, Grande Prairie, Other
Gabrielle Olivia BRONZE, Grande Prairie, Other
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Buzz goes the fly
And Woof goes the dog.
Meow goes the cat
Ribbit goes the frog.

The fly annoys the dog
Who chases the cat up a tree
Who accidentally bumps the frog
And into the pond it would flee.

Buzz goes the fly
Whine goes the dog
Hiss goes the cat
Glub goes the frog.

The frog gets hungry
So he comes up from the pond
And hurriedly eats the fly
That was annoying the dog.

Yip goes the dog,
Running inside the door.
Meow goes the cat.
Coming back to the floor.
Yum goes the frog
And the fly is no more.

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