Ghosts Without a Cause

May 29, 2009
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This town is quicksand
And I'm falling fast.
I made the one mistake
I knew not to miss,
But I can't stay still;
I'm running-we're running-fast.

This distance put between us
Makes it so much worse when
I know I'm killing you.
You're all that's left of
Such a crippled life.

Stop me while you still can.
I've found my way out.
You see through my sleight of hand
And it won't be long now.
Stop me while you still can.

There's no hope for those left here;
They will due as ghosts without a cause.
So wrap your hand around my wrists
And make me stay in this trap
Where no living here can waste.

I am a lost cause-
I am forgotten.
I will never break
And never even bend

Because this town is quicksand
And I'm rising up.
I saw the one mistake
And I knew I had to,
But I can't stay here.
I'm running-you're falling-fast.

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